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Kiten Maine Coon

All the excitement of waiting for the magic of the appearance of future Maine Coon lions is over. As these babies have been already loved, they are long-awaited and adorable. Even though a little time will pass, the babies already started learning the world. Soon You will see giant, graceful cats of the Maine Coon breed. Looking at the kittens I can tell you no doubts their future moms and dads will be waiting for them. These litters is the huge Maine Coons, with beautiful tassels, a large fur shawl and mittens on their paws. When kittens will be older their soft paws will come to you quietly, and their unique voice will sing you songs in their cat language. And let it be bad weather outside, you will be cozy and warm in such a company!

Here You can find available Maine Coon kittens from our cattery UA * POSPISHIL & Co, among them you can find your fluffy Miracle!

Litter 1


Litter 2

Selling of kittens BREDER/SHOW class (with the right to breed) is limited strictly to registered catteries.
Selling of kittens PET class – only as home pet.
PET class it’s not a defective breed or unhealthy cat.
This class is established to prevent uncontrolled mating (for cat health) which is very irresponsible
Kittens without breeding rights (PET) will move to new owner Spayed/neutered
with all documents, veterinary passport, fully vaccinated and accustomed to tray and scratching post.