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Maine Coons are giants with the heart of an angel!

Maine Coon cat breed №1 for the past 10 years.

The most beloved, the sweetest, the most harmless, the most beautiful, the most spectacular and the biggest cats in the world, this is the only way I can describe Maine Coon cats – the American Raccoon Cat!

The first impression when you see this cat, it’s a scary beast, huge, with a menacing face, a very powerful animal that is a threat, but when you start to communicate with him and take him in your arms, you understand that this is an absolutely creamy, angelic creature. And that contrast is very impressive. And a person who meets a Maine Coon for the first time he becomes at once captivated by this breed, because they are absolutely unique and in comparison, there is not even any other breed. The expression of austere appearance with a sweet, creamy, angelic character is very impressive.

Breed type

The Maine Coon has a spectacular, unique type, very recognizable. Huge muzzle with square jaws, wide ears with big tassels and of course size – a huge animal, beautiful, spectacular. And around the breed Maine Coon formed many legends, fairy tales and all sorts of tall tales.In the articles I will tell you about several.

The most important term when describing the Maine Coon is LONG: long muzzle, long ears, long body, long paws, long tail, long hair.

Maine coon Merkuri 4


The texture of the Maine Coon coat is very interesting, which does not resemble any other breed. It is Maine Coon’s fur that allows cats to exist in cold climates. Maine Coon’s undercoat has a very thick undercoat, which allows the cat to lie on the snow and not freeze at all. Maine Coon’s upper body coat has a padded structure that keeps the body warm and dry in the rain very easily. The rain runs off and can’t get the cat very wet. This effect of the coat we feel well, Maine Coon cat should be bathed, for example, before the show, the coat stubbornly does not want to get wet.

Some people like Persian coat more, but not everyone can spend a lot of time every day for combing and bathing is 2-3 times a month. Maine Coon is enough to brush 1-2 times a week and bathe once every 3 months. Persian cats still need constant daily eye care, those brownish-black paths near the eyes spoil the beauty and enjoyment. Maine Coon only needs to remove small dried up discharges after sleeping, like in humans, and only if they are present.


The character and behavior of the Maine Coon is something…… owner’s dream!  They are good-natured fun-loving giants. They are one of the most calm and intelligent breeds. In addition, they get along well with children and other animals. They resemble dogs in some respects — just as faithful and sociable. Maine Coons are easy to train, thanks to their exceptional intelligence. They will not lie on the couch all day long as Britons do, no it is not typical Maine Coon. But also unobtrusive as Orientals. Maine Coon is precisely the “golden mean” in communication and character. They are inquisitive and contactable, very humane. Maine Coons adore cuddling and in every way show how much they love their family. Maine Coons are inquisitive, and always happy to keep you company, whatever you do, if there is no such an opportunity, unobtrusively aside, they will watch what is happening.

There is something special about these cats. They sincerely and unselfishly love their owners. Maine Coons perfectly reads human reactions, and they never get bored!

 Not every domestic cat can be as friendly and affectionate as the Maine Coon.

Lack of Aggression in Maine Coons

You will never see overt aggression from a well-mannered Maine Coon. He may show that he is not happy about something, but he will never attack. Instead, he will simply run away.