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The decision to get a new fluffy tenant is the right one, and you will understand this very quickly. But it’s also a very important step. Before you bring a kitten home, you need to thoroughly prepare your home, so it can safely become the kitten’s new home. A little kitten is like a little baby. The kid will constantly surprise you and often the results of his curiosity can be completely unexpected.


Kittens are incredibly playful, active, and love everything new. But they don’t yet have enough experience and skills. Therefore, it is strongly recommended you remove all sorts of small objects, such as paper clips, buttons, especially threads, elastic bands, from the kitten’s reach. You also need to take into account the special love of kids for all sorts of fiddling with any objects that interest them. It is better to make any wires inaccessible (hide in boxes or behind furniture). If this does not work technically, you can use a proven method: lightly grease dangerous places with essential oil or citrus juice, cats do not like to come into contact with objects that emit these odors.


It is advisable to combine the first days of a new household member’s stay with the time when you can be at home all day (weekends or vacations, maybe holidays). Because it is on these few days that the kitten will be most difficult. The adaptation process, getting used to a new place of residence, is very important. At first, the kitten may hide and refuse to eat on time. Your timely care and affection at this moment are critical. The kid will need your help during the first trips to the toilet in a new place. It will be helpful to have a toy or a rag that the kitten had in the previous home. These things keep the familiar scent of mom and siblings, making the kitten feel at home faster.
You should pay attention to the kitten at all times so that you don’t accidentally step on or crush the tail or paw of the fluffy with a door. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common occurrence, and this advice should be taken very seriously.
It will be good for a kitten if the process of getting to know its new territory is gradual, so as not to get lost and find a toilet and food in time. You could start with just one room available to the kitty. Carried away by its curiosity, it can get lost in an unfamiliar environment. After all, the kitten needs to learn the layout of the rooms and their sizes. But the most important thing is that he must feel that the kitty is loved, cared for, and completely safe, just like with the mommy-cat. And then everything will be fine.


All kittens-babies love to sleep, and love to do it in warmth and comfort. You can make or buy something like a cat house with a mink. Place it in a quiet, warm and dry place where there is no wind.The kitten won’t always agree with your choice of location. In case this happens, you should observe where the new resident likes resting. Try a warm, cozy bedding, and even better, when the kitten is small – a basket, you can even add a heating pad. But place it on the side so that the baby can choose which side to heat up.


One of your main tasks at first is to teach the kitten to go to the toilet on your type of litter box (for this, from the kitty’s previous home you should be given a little used litter box filler). The first time the tray should be put in the same room where the kitten is, in a secluded place. Afterwards, you can move it to your toilet. Be prepared to be patient and persistent, but it’s worth it – it’s much easier to do right from the start.
For food, buy a few bowls right away. You’ll need them — separate bowls for water, for feed, and for natural food. You can give varied food, the main thing is to maintain a balance, and take into account the tastes of the kitten. Try to make sure that the baby always has fresh water.


Kittens are great game-lovers and expert game-players. On the one hand, they require attention. It is necessary to play with them several times a day. On the other hand, it is completely easy, fun and even useful from a psychological point of view. It’s not necessary to buy a lot of expensive toys – kids love varied, but simple entertainment, for example, chasing balls, playing with crumpled paper (it rustles weird for a kitten). They are very fond of cardboard houses, where several holes are cut. In this way, the kitten hides in the house, and then loves to unexpectedly fly out and chase after a ball. This is one of cats’ favorite games even in adulthood. 


One of the most important and indispensable needs of a kitten is to sharpen its claws periodically. And the kitty can try to do it using your furniture. To prevent this, you have to prepare in advance, and immediately show the baby a special purchased scratching post. Or do it yourself: wrap a wooden block with some rope. A small round log without knots would also work.
If you follow these simple instructions, your funny fluffy baby will almost immediately feel at home and understand that it is an important and beloved member of your family. And then you can fully feel the happiness of a kitten at home. Because kittens return their owner’s love a hundredfold.