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Maine-Coon breed

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It is very simple! These are the most beloved, sweetest, most harmless, most beautiful, most spectacular and largest cats in the world. This is the only way I can characterize Maine Coon cats – the American raccoon cats! And they won my heart!

Our parents are the result of many years of work of breeders from different countries, selection of pairs, selection of healthy and strong animals. At the moment we have a European type of cats. We imported them from famous nurseries in: Poland: Nice Coon, Mercedes Coon, Isztar Coon
Switzerland: Lavorgo Coons
Russia: UNICUM.

The selection takes place not only according to external data or compliance with the standard; a prerequisite – an affectionate character and the animal must be completely healthy and all our cats must be tested for all kinds of genetic diseases, such as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Pyruvate kinase deficiency, Polycystic kidney disease, Spinal muscular atrophy, etc. …



Maine Coons are loving, humane, gentle and Charismatic giants with an angel’s heart. They are intelligent, contact, trainable, love to play, even in the water!

We select breeders not only by breed standard or health but also by temperament, they are sociable, friendly, getting along well with children and other pets.

Our Maine Coons are cats of the European type, while the size is not lost, very long body, high set of ears, regular profile, full muzzle box, a super long tail. All producers are in good health, as evidenced by certificates and analyzes of various gen. tests.



The kittens of our cattery have achieved worldwide attention and are recognized by different countries. Our graduates already live in The United States of America, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, South Korea. Similarly, requests from other countries are received. We carefully select the best families for our kittens.


Our adult cats live with us our family members, in our cozy country house, which we call ” Maine Coon Manor “.

We are not a farm, but a family nursery, and we do not allow cages for our pets and breeding in a separate building. Our animals live in all rooms and take an active part in our life, helping to cook, clean, work on the computer or lie on the couch. Mother Cats have their separate nursery rooms, usually, this is our bedroom or daughter’s room. We have socialized, very gentle kids.


Our contribution to the development of the breed


We maintain the breed standard and improve our type according to the requirements of this standard. Be sure to visit exhibitions to evaluate the results of our work according to the standard and type of Maine Coons.


The temperament and character of the cat are just as important as the type. We are breeding to give you the best Maine Coon companions. We will always tell you about the behaviour and character of the kittens and help you reveal their best qualities. Our kittens are sold not as “toys” but as family members.


We treat our cats as family members. All of them live in our ” Maine Coon Estate ” – their own spacious house with all the amenities, comfort and freedom of movement. Additionally, we are completing a closed enclosure for cats to bring the conditions of keeping as close to natural conditions as possible, which contributes to hardening and good immunity.


We will always tell the truth about any deviations, health deficiencies found in our ancestors in our pedigrees. This knowledge will help like-minded breeders to strengthen and preserve the health and future of the breed.


All our cats undergo health checks, we carry out all the genetic tests necessary for breeding a healthy Maine Coon breed. All test results are available to our customers upon request.

We will never knowingly breed cats with hereditary diseases.
Why did we choose this system?
Because this is a single database of breeding animals and it is all computerized. Convenient and centralized issuance of documents. Clear and uniform rules for evaluating and holding exhibitions. And here there are very highly qualified judges who need to judge more than one thousand animals to pass the exam and get a license.