We recently adopted a black Maine Coon kitten! She is adorable. Her personality is outgoing, playful and cuddly. She purrs all the time and sleeps with me every night. She is a healthy happy kitten!
We live in Ontario 🇨🇦 and we dealt with Vlad, he is whom we contacted from the kijiji ad. He was extremely helpful in providing all the info we needed and answered all our questions. Of course, it may seem daunting to purchase a kitten from overseas, but I assure you that you do not need to be wary of this amazing breeder! Our kitten was transported by plane for 2 days. When she arrived at the airport, she was so happy and healthy. She was clean and was happy to be home. She came fully vaccinated, dewormed and spayed! She has her very own Pet Passport. She is well socialized with other cats and people. She fits right in with our busy life and family.
I am happy to recommend Posposhil & Co Cattery Maine Coon, to anyone who is seeking a beautiful Maine Coon kitten!