Amazzone the Guardian

  • Female / Девочка
  • Дата рождения: 10/12/16
  • Genetic tests: HCM n/n, SMA neg.
  • родословная



When I say the word mom, a whole palette of feelings appears in my heart. I have the same impressions and feelings when I talk about my Maine Coons, but I would like to draw your attention to one of them. This is one of our cats-Amazon. She has been born to be a mom. She is a mom not only for her kittens but for the other litters too. Even though cats have their hierarchy in the pride, so no hierarchy affects the Amazon. She will get along well with other cats and dogs. She will be next to a person always and under any circumstances. Amazon is incredibly sensitive to a person’s mood. She will be there if you have some kind of anxiety until you calm down. Looking at her, it seems that this cat has a rather strict and domineering character. But if I could compare her with a drink, it would be a soft and fresh brewed coffee with cream, the taste of which could not be forgotten and repeated. The creamy color and perfect Amazon’s fur will be remembered. Later your eyes will seek this sweet shade. At the sun her wool shines like the sun’s rays. Amazon is one of the best representatives of the Maine Coon breed.